Aims and Scope


The Journal of Global Surgery (ONE) is a feature rich, revolutionary peer-review medical journal that provides ethical, affordable, sustainable access to global surgery research. Global surgery is a movement dedicated to the provision of safe, affordable surgery across the world, with a particular (but not exclusive) focus on care in low and middle income countries. The journal therefore welcomes manuscript submissions that develop our knowledge of all aspects related to surgical care in these settings, including anaesthesia and critical care, obstetrics, all surgical fields, education, health policy and public health.

The journal itself is built through innovative design principles, aiming to significantly reduce the cost of peer review publication, whilst also revolutionising the funding model to ensure that our journal transparently displays our running costs, and through the use of Bitcoin Cash (a cryptocurrency) and a unique crowd funding model, our journal is affordable and accessible to everyone in the world, whilst also sustainable without relying on third party funding to maintain the highest level of service to our readership.