Publishing model

The journal’s unique publishing model explained

No author fees!

The Journal of Global Surgery (ONE) proudly upholds the principle that knowledge should flow freely, unfettered by financial barriers. We stand firm in our belief that authors should not bear the burden of fees for sharing their critical work. In line with this ethos, our journal operates without any author article fees for submission or publication. Through our innovative manuscript submission portal, authors are invited to contribute their research without the worry of financial constraints. This approach ensures that groundbreaking discoveries and scholarly insights can be disseminated widely, fostering collaboration and advancing scientific discourse for the betterment of society.

Our peer reviewers are appreciated and acknowledged.

The Journal of Global Surgery (ONE) operates on the principle of inclusivity and appreciation for the expertise of scholars worldwide. Upon receiving manuscripts, we extend invitations for peer review to experts from all corners of the globe. These reviewers generously offer their time and skill to evaluate submissions rigorously. In acknowledgment of their invaluable contributions, we provide stipend payments in Bitcoin Cash as a token of gratitude for every review, whether they accept or reject a manuscript.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of giving back, peer reviewers have the option to donate their stipends to our partner global surgery charities. This initiative not only honors the dedication of our reviewers but also contributes to meaningful causes, aligning with our commitment to fostering positive change through scholarly communication.

A transparent, affordable publishing cost!

Upon approval of a manuscript, the journal proceeds with publication, adhering to principles of transparency and affordability. We believe in providing the community with a clear understanding of the costs associated with publication, and every cost is clearly outlined.

Through our streamlined processes and innovative portal, we have significantly reduced publication expenses to under $100 per article. This cost encompasses various services, including stipends for reviewers, CrossRef submission, DOI linking, and formatting of both PDF and HTML manuscripts. Our commitment to affordability is matched by our dedication to presenting published works in a clean, beautiful, and professional manner, ensuring that scholarly contributions receive the attention they deserve.

Instant access, whilst the community breaks down the paywall!

Following publication, articles are initially placed behind a paywall, but we believe in making knowledge accessible to all. With our innovative approach, anyone can access articles instantly for a micropayment of $0.10. Each contribution chips away at the paywall, benefitting everyone in the community. Contributors include not only authors and readers but also institutions and philanthropists, fostering a collective effort to crowdfund for universal access. Once the initial costs are covered, the article transitions to open access, instantly available to everyone. The journal has then recouped its running cost for the publication, thus sustaining itself, ensuring continued publication for the benefit of the community.

We also ensure that there are no financial barriers to payment by offering multiple convenient options for our contributors. Embracing the borderless and low-cost nature of cryptocurrency, we accept Bitcoin Cash payments, leveraging its permissionless network to remove all financial obstacles. Bitcoin Cash provides a seamless and efficient payment solution, enabling transactions across geographical boundaries without the need for intermediaries. However, we understand the importance of providing diverse payment methods to accommodate varying preferences. Thus, we also accept traditional payment options such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. This inclusive approach ensures that authors and contributors can choose the method that best suits their needs, further facilitating the accessibility of our publication process.

Below is a video explainer describing the rationale and explanation for the journal’s publishing model.