User guides


We welcome readers from all over the world.

Our publishing model is globally accessible and affordable to all. We are community focussed, allowing readers to essentially crowd fund our published articles to achieve open access status for the entire readership. Any one can contribute to the article publishing cost, from as little as $0.10 Bitcoin Cash micropayment to paying the entire article fee in one transaction. As contributions from readers accumulate, the remaining publishing price fee reduces, and once the journal’s publishing cost is covered, the article becomes open access. Once the article has been opened, we consider the published work owned by the community under a CC0 license.

No user account is required to access our articles. However, registering an account as a reader will offer a few benefits:

1. It will allow the reader to choose to pay a contribution to any article that has not been opened. Without a user account, an anonymous reader would have to pay the entire remaining balance of an article to access the full article (this will also open up the article for everyone).
2. Allow readers to keep a track record, including invoicing, of their article contributions.

We welcome authors from all over the world.

The manuscript submission process is very simple. Once you have registered an account with our journal, you can choose a setting to either be a “reader” or a “reader and an author”. If you have declared yourself an author, you will see in your menu an author portal where you can start creating submissions.

Once you have created your draft submission, fill out the required information in the manuscript submissions manager. All instructions are clearly described in the portal in a step by step manner. There are no formatting criteria, as our submissions system will resolve this automatically. Once you have submitted your manuscript to us, you will then receive further responses from our editorial team about a decision.

We welcome peer-reviewers from all over the world.

To apply to be a peer reviewer, simply fill in the application form in the menu. If you are successful, your account will then be registered as an official peer reviewer. The editorial team will then be able to contact you to offer your manuscripts to peer review. You can choose to accept or decline these within the portal itself. If you choose to accept, you will have access to the manuscript and an online form to complete your peer review on. Furthermore, if your peer review is accepted as good quality by the editorial team, you will be legible to redeem your stipend.